The Painting Company, Summerville, SC

The Painting Company is a locally owned and operated full service Architectural painting business. We specialize in Residential, Commercial, and Industrial coatings. We professionally paint interior and exterior of homes, retail locations, industrial machinery and equipment, and just about any other structure you can imagine.

Our grassroots have came right from the ground of the great town of Summerville, SC. We absolutely adore this community and have seen it grow and become the special place that it is today! For more information about our company and how it came to be, feel free to navigate to our About page.

My intention for this website is to familiarize you with The Painting Company, however, I have also decided to post a Blog. The blog will be dedicated to inform customers of any local upcoming events, tips and tricks, and common mistakes pertaining to painting. I believe it will be a great accompaniment to the website.

We at The Painting Company certainly hope you enjoy our website and we look forward to assisting you with any painting needs or questions that you have.